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the game of sic bo

Sic Bo, meaning dice pair, is an ancient Chinese game of chance played with three dice. The table is elaborately lighted and can sometimes be found in a special section of the casino reserved for Asian games.

It is a very simple game to play, for the object of the game is to either select the individual numbers, or a combination of the numbers, that will appear on the dice after they are shaken and rolled. The betting possibilities and their payoff amounts are depicted on the table layout by showing the faces of the dice in their many combinations. There are single die numbers, two of a kind, three of a kind, or combinations of any two or three of the dice.

Types of Sicbo Bets

There are seven different types of bets that can be made in the game of Sic Bo:

Sicbo Game Play

The game commences when players place their chips on the designated sections of their choice. Each player is responsible for the correct positioning of their wager on the layout, regardless of whether the chips are placed by the dealer or themselves.

Once the bets are in place, the dealer shakes the dice in a sealed container called a shaker and then sets it on the table. The dealer announces the numeric value of each die and enters these values into the electronic device on the table. All winning patterns of the three dice are lit up on the layout, and the dealer proceeds with paying off the winners.

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